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Winning Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference

Capitalise On The Latest Customer Trends, Digital Innovations & Advanced Social Media Strategies Whilst Navigating Regulatory Constraints For Powerful, Engaging Digital Marketing Performance In Financial Services

A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 21st March 2017, Millennium Mayfair, London Plus Separately-Bookable, Post-Conference Social Media Strategies Workshop. Download The Brochure.

Better Target, Engage & Covert Consumers By Harnessing The Latest Behavioural Trends & Insights To Optimise The Online Journey, Integrate Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies, Monetise Social Media & Digital Advertising & Win Internal Buy-In.

Real Insight From 24 Leading Finance Brands In Just One Day: Social Media • Regulation • Customer Journey • Effective Channel Strategy & Attribution • Leveraging Data • Advertising & Programmatic • Engaging Content • Consumer Trends & Insights • Innovations & Future Technologies • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Emerging Channels • Transformation & Buy-In

How Are Financial Service Organisations Delivering Outstanding Digital Campaigns & Winning Customer Journeys Which Engage Customers & Drive Measurable Bottom Line Results?

  1. What’s New? Stay Up-To-Date With Industry Innovations & Future Technologies: Capitalise on emerging innovations and disruptive technologies to maximise digital performance and audience engagement
  2. Harness Changing Consumer Trends & Behaviours: Understand what consumers expect today and tomorrow for responsive, targeted digital campaigns
  3. Outstanding, Compliant Social Media Which Drives ROI: Foster true engagement and drive real, measurable business value
  4. Optimise The Digital Customer Journey: Five-star digital user experiences which meet customer needs and deliver measurable bottom-line impact
  5. Cutting-Edge, Profitable Multi-Channel Strategies & Attribution: What is the best channel mix to generate leads and consistently impactful messaging?
  6. Navigate Regulatory Restrictions For Bold, Innovative Marketing: Collaborate effectively with compliance teams for ingenious, compliant digital comms
  7. Best-In-Class Strategies To Capture, Target & Leverage Data: Improve data management, usage and targeting to stay at the cutting-edge of digital marketing
  8. Bring Financial Services To Life With Engaging, Captivating Content! Tailored, meaningful, multi-channel content which excites and retains audiences
  9. Exploit Advertising & Programmatic Breakthroughs: Optimise spend for consistent, measurable ROI across your paid and programmatic advertising

The Financial Services Employee Engagement Conference

Driving Organisational Performance, Productivity & Retention During Periods Of Change With High-Impact Employee Engagement Strategies In Financial Services

One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 28th March 2017, Cavendish Conference Centre, Central London. Download the brochure here. 

Change ✓ Positive Cultures ✓ Bottom-Line Impact ✓ Employee Voice ✓ Technology Innovations ✓ Engaging Communications ✓ Targeting Audiences ✓ Recognition & Retention ✓ Empowering Leaders ✓ Regulation & Risk ✓ Changing Environment ✓ Digital Transformation ✓ Trust & Fear


How Can You Navigate Periods Of Internal & External Change, Embed Positive Cultures, Mitigate Risks & Drive Staff Retention & Organisational Performance With Impactful, Future-Proofed Employee Engagement Strategies?

  1. All Change! Boost Productivity & Morale During Change, Uncertainty & Disruption: Long-term, robust strategies for maintaining engagement throughout periods of internal and external change
  2. Positive Cultures: Best-In-Class Showcase: Embedding cultures which promote positive values, boost motivation and drive staff engagement
  3. Evaluating Impact, Proving ROI: Demonstrating results to justify engagement as a key strategic function
  4. Targeted, Engaging Communications For Diverse Audiences: Driving two-way conversations with tailored, consistent messages which engage employees
  5. Rewarding Performance, Retaining Talent: Crafting an adaptable and innovative recognition and rewards strategy
  6. Cutting-Edge Technology Innovations: Tap into the latest trends and innovations in technologies, tools and channels to reach and engage colleagues
  7. Navigating Regulation, Risk & Negativity Concerns: Battling tough market conditions and negative industry reputation to foster an open, engaging culture
  8. Tune Into The Employee Voice In Financial Services: Leveraging insights and effectively measuring engagement levels to advance future strategies
  9. Empowering Leaders As Engagement Ambassadors: Building outstanding leadership capability and supporting leaders as key drivers of employee engagement