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Leverage Changing Customer Expectations, Technology Innovations & Savvy Business Transformations To Deliver Outstanding, Winning Customer Experience Strategies & Journeys In Financial Services: Respond To Changing Customer Needs Around Digital & Human-Led Channels • Overcome Inefficiencies In The Omni-Channel Customer Journey • Transform Business & Digital Operations For Successful Tech Adoption & Customer Servicing • Customer-Centric Cultures For Human-First Financial Services • CX-Refining Measurement & Data Strategies Which Truly Boost Customer Satisfaction! Book Today For £599*! We Look Forward To Welcoming You At One America Square London. 

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 GIC Opening Remarks

09.15 Morning Co-Chairs' Opening Remarks

Fergus Murphy, Group Customer Experience Director, Virgin Money

Peter Frost, Chief Customer Officer, Coventry Building Society


09.25 Resolve Disjointed Customer Journeys With Customer-Led Service Design & Deliver Cohesive Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

  • Test, test, test – where are customers consistently experiencing pain points? How can we eliminate them to ensure a consistent, frictionless customer experience?
  • How can we approach the user experience holistically and leverage existing methodologies to improve design and UX? It’s not just the tech! Are your teams combatting organisational silos to communicate?
  • Achieve true omni-channel with consistent brand messaging and feel and joined-up customer servicing to reassure and retain customers whether in-branch or in-app.

09.25 Perspective One
Marco Rodrigues, Deputy Head of CX & Design, BNP Paribas Securities Services

09.45 Perspective Two
Jessica Harris, Senior Best Practice & Programmes Manager (Customer Success), 


10.05 Seize Valuable Insights Into Evolving Customer Needs & Expectations To Deliver Exceptional Experiences That Future-Proof Strategies & Adjust To Change

  • Pandemic-related disruption has weighed heavily on financial services customer behaviours… what customer expectations and needs have become the new norm and how can business models be adapted appropriately?
  • Enhance efficiencies, improve decision making and reduce costs by creating deeper relationships with customers through understanding and meeting their needs.
  • Build authoritative models on customer behaviour that respond to the rising customer demands for increased immediacy, seamless and paperless experiences to sustain a competitive advantage and stay relevant in the market.

Tom Girling, Head of Regulated Advice, Skipton Building Society

Monika Schulze, Head of Customer & Innovation Management, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Simone Vincent, Head of Email Marketing, Fidelity International

Kelly Hamid, Head of Regulatory Product Compliance, Monzo Bank

John Sills, Managing Partner, The Foundation

10.35 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner 

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.20 Digital & Business Transformation Strategies To Shape The Future Of Customer Experience In Financial Services

  • As the world moves rapidly towards technology-enabled future, how can financial services providers optimise CX using their increased digital capabilities with innovative digital tools that are designed and centred on the customer?
  • Enable the business to break free from the conservative boundaries of legacy technology and systems and embrace new ways of thinking and strengthen relationships with customers
  • How have hybrid ways of working transformed business models and the need for a multi channel strategies in CX?
  • Agility has become a crucial factor for market success: how can this skill be harnessed to achieve wins for customers and to align business and customer values?

Eloise Taysom, Head of Product, Bud

11.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.55 Leverage Cutting-Edge Tech Solutions To Create A More Dynamic & Impactful Customer Experience That Delivers Efficiency Through Innovation

  • Conditions and parameters to select the right tech for your business, your customers and their journeys and achieve effective integration of technology into customer experience
  • Constraint or possibility: what are the opportunities and challenges associated with different emerging technologies and how they add value to the customer experience?
  • From advances in automation, AI and machine learning, chatbots and voice-to-text software, what’s next for financial services to respond to customer needs and help optimise the customer journey?

11.55 Perspective One
Grace Hayes, Senior Vice President Customer Delivery Europe, Mastercard

12.15 Perspective Two
Kumar Ashok, Sr. QA Engineer, Tide Platform Limited


12.35 Measure, Improve, Succeed! Set KPIs To Assess Performance & Refine CX Strategies With Customer-Led Data To Increase Customer Satisfaction, Retention & ROI

  • Beyond NPS, what benchmarks are most beneficial for assessing performance and how can the results of these be translated effectively into improved customer experiences?
  • Ensure effective measurement KPIs and benchmarks in order to truly evaluate success and determine strategy ROI
  • Utilise key insights from customer feedback, reviews, satisfaction rates to develop innovative strategies that secure and improve customer retention and sustain customer engagement

Micheal Sherwood, Head of Digital Experience, Atom Bank

12.55 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.55 Afternoon Chair's Opening Remarks

Rachel Whitaker, Head of Savings & Investments, Formerly Aviva

Stuart Miller, Chief Customer Officer, Newcastle Building Society


14.05 Build Game-Changing Customer Experiences By Developing Progressive Cultures That Are Committed To Going Above-&-Beyond For The Customer

  • In 2022, how can financial services organisations be driven by the customer rather than business requirements that are not fully validated by the end user?
  • Empower customer-facing employees with the right tools, technology and agency to deliver good customer outcomes
  • How can you set customer experience as a benchmark of success for the wider business and instil a company culture that is committed and incentivised to do better for the customer?

Andy Russell, CEO, Wealthify

Matthew Whetton, Chief Technology Officer, Oakbrook Finance

Sathish Jain, Executive Director - User Experience, J.P. Morgan

Emma Stranack, Head of Business & Consumer Communications, Financial Conduct Authority

Steve Bodley, Head of Digital Marketing Delivery, Hargreaves Lansdown

Mitchell Barker, Head of Product & Chief Distribution Officer, HSBC Life (UK) Ltd

14.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


14.55 Maintain The Balance Between Human Touchpoints & Digital Technologies To Reflect Customer Needs

  • How can we bridge the substantial divide between the demand for in-person interaction versus digital channels to create an overall seamless and hybrid experience that caters to everyone’s expectations and needs?
  • Understand how your customers interact with your products and organisation to discern where different channels and touchpoints provide the best experience and support
  • With digital payments becoming a mainstream habit, how do you reassure, safeguard and provide for customers who are reluctant to switch to new payment products and methods of banking?
  • More than automation: strategically divert digital journeys towards real-time human interaction to address complex, sensitive queries more appropriately and successfully

Anne-Marie McConnon, Chief Marketing & Client Experience Officer, BNY Mellon Investment Management

15.15 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.45 Harness The Latest Data Insights To Create In-Depth, Tailored, Customer Centric Strategies That Enhance The Customer Experience

  • Leverage customer data for a more detailed understanding of customer values and expectations to provide sophisticated, data driven experiences which improve the customer journey
  • Implement a human-centred customer experience design which prioritises relevant, personalised products based on past interactions and anticipated future actions to ensure continuous customer engagement
  • Moving towards a cookie-less world means customer data is more valuable than ever- how can that data be collected, managed and optimised to deliver a more accurate, personalised experience that emphasises the customer voice?
  • Unlock potential value by making data and insights work harder to meet customers’ demands that focus on matching personal values to drive tangible results

15.45 Perspective One
Rhona Cameron, Global Head of Brand & CX, BNY Mellon Investment Management

16.05 Perspective Two
Bhavik Mohandes, Director of Product Management, American Express

16.25 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


16.40 From Financial Literacy To Digitally-Challenged Customers: How Can Financial Services Move Beyond A ''One Size Fits All' Approach To Ensure That Every Customer Has Access To The Support They Need?

  • With the rise of fraud and scams during the pandemic and the boom of “buy now, pay later,” how can financial services institutions step up to educate customers financially and build trust in their services and security
  • What can be done to reverse the failure to look after and reward long serving customers and instead incentivise their loyalty?
  • When we’re designing channels and strategies around the many, how do we ensure we can still cater to the few who need additional support and a wider channel range? And how do we get C-Suite on board?

Anna Roughley, Head of Insight, Lending Standards Board

Anuradha Deshpande, Head of Product Support, GoCardless

Vadim Toader, CEO, Proportunity

17.10 Afternoon Chair's Closing Remarks

Rachel Whitaker, Head of Savings & Investments, Formerly Aviva

Stuart Miller, Chief Customer Officer, Newcastle Building Society

17.35 Official Close Of Conference

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