10th Annual, One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, 1 America Square London, 13th June 2023

Exceed Customer Expectations With High-Impact, Mission-Critical Tech, Behavioural Data & Cultural Innovations For

Exceptional Customer Experience Strategies & Outstanding Outcome-Focused Journeys In Financial Services

Leverage Changing Customer Needs & Expectations, Optimise Seamless, Cohesive Customer Journeys, Capture Critical Data Insights & Measure Customer Outcomes, Embrace Cutting-Edge New Tech, AI & Digital Innovations Which Balance The Human Touch, Secure Buy-In & Inspire Employees To Further Customer Duty, Support Vulnerable Customers & Deliver Bottom-Line Results

A Must-Attend Industry Gathering Of Leaders In CX, Customer Journey, Product & Digital, With 25 Financial Services Brands Speaking – All In 1 Day!

10th Annual!

25 CX, Customer Journey, Product & Digital Leaders In Financial Services Explore Business-Critical, Data-Driven Strategies For Measured, Transformed & Outstanding End-To-End Customer Journeys With A Human-Centred Service Design Which Embraces Innovative Digital & Technology, Supported By A Company-Wide Drive To Provide Good Financial Outcomes For Shifting Customer Behaviours & Vulnerable Customers, Furthering Customer Duty Promises & Securing CX As A Strategic Business Function

Outstanding Customer Journeys ■ Changing Customer Behaviours & Expectations ■ Data-Driven CX Strategies ■ Customer-Centric Cultures ■ New Tech & AI Innovations ■ Vulnerable Customers ■ Measurement & ROI ■ Digital Vs. Human Touch ■ The Strategic Role Of CX


Outstanding, Outcome-Focused Customer Journeys:

Deliver proactive, value-adding and seamless customer journeys which boost the bottom line


Changing Customer Needs, Behaviours & Expectations - Unlocking Insights:

Keep pace with changing demands to maintain customer satisfaction and execute a value-driven and competitive experience


Power Data Insights For Tailored, Customer-Centric CX Strategies:

Leverage customer data and behavioural insights across customer touchpoints to drive impressive bottom line results


Customer-Centric Cultures Which Inspire Employees:

Embed customer-centricity into the heart of your organisation and inspire employees to go above and beyond


Monetise Cutting-Edge Tech & AI Innovations:

Harness next-generation technologies and AI for market-leading customer experiences


Proactively Identify & Protect Vulnerable Customers:

Enhance your support strategies and further customer duty promises with a deep-dive into the evolution and increased number of vulnerable customers


Measure, Assess, Refine, Repeat – Drive ROI:

Review your CX performance with tangible metrics that benchmark success


Streamlined Digital Vs. Meaningful Human Interactions:

Balance streamlined, digital-first customer experiences without sacrificing the human touch


Secure The Strategic Role Of CX In Financial Services:

Demonstrate proven results and value and win long-term buy-in


Next-Gen FinTech, Challenger & Disruptor Insights!

NEW Thought Leadership!

  • Brand New Innovations & The Latest Insights Into Outcome-Focused CX In Financial Services
  • 2 Interactive Panels:
    • Customer-Centric Cultures
    • Changing Customer Behaviours & Expectations
  • New Brands, Content & Case Studies!
    • Vulnerable Customers & The Cost Of Living Crisis
  • FinTech & Disruptor Insights

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