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In a world where both data and the tools available to manage it are expanding exponentially, CACI does amazing things with data to solve complex business issues. Whether it’s developing a customer segmentation vocabulary, analysing customers’ channel use, building a complex model to predict channel behaviour or using big data to assess a channel’s impact, our approach remains the same. Our models must deliver value and be insightful.

Our data science and consulting teams are experts in bringing the right combination of data and analytical techniques together. CACI has a wealth of lifestyle data and segmentation tools which can be used to enrich your behavioural and digital data. Our teams use traditional tools and techniques such as SAS, regression modelling and cluster analysis, contemporary software such as R and Python, and machine learning techniques such as random forests. Whatever the complexity of the tools and data we select, we will deliver clear and commercially robust results.

We will deliver amazing things with data.


Communisis PLC is a marketing services business focused on driving efficiency and effectiveness into customer communications. Working with many of the UK’s largest Financial Services brands we uniquely understand the demands of the FS regulatory environment and the pressure this puts on brands to deliver accurate and compliant customer communications. However, as the CCM market along with the entire customer journey continues to disrupt, we are at the centre of the true ‘in-life’ customer experience.

Only recently has the ‘piece of paper’ from your bank come to be considered as part of the customer experience. As these journeys digitize and become both transparent and optimisable, so traditional business process outsourcers and systems integrators must understand not just their role in removing friction from individual customer touchpoints but in their combined impact on the value of the entire customer journey.

Communisis PLC now uses its heritage in cost and risk management to optimise customer touchpoints for effectiveness. In so doing we become not just a cost, but a value centre.

Lithium delivers brilliant digital customer experiences at scale. The Lithium Engagement Platform enables brands to connect customers, content and conversations at the right digital moment.

With the Lithium Engagement Platform, digital marketers are delivering the right content to the right customer at the right time to increase revenue and brand value. More than 400 global brands leverage Lithium to drive integrated campaigns and personally engage more customers with trusted content.

To find out how Lithium can help you cultivate authentic customer relationships with the power of social and community, visit or follow us @LithiumTech.


NGDATA helps brands in data-driven industries, such as financial services, to drive connected customer experiences. Our AI-powered CDP and Digital Transformation Services put people at the center of every business via Customer DNA, which continuously learns from behavior to deliver compelling experiences for brands across the globe. NGDATA is headquartered in Gent, Belgium and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Qualtrics is rapidly growing software-as-a-service and the leader in experience management. Our Customer Experience platform is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands including Allianz, Swiss Re, Bank of America and Standard Life to help them identify customer experience improvements that will have the biggest impact on their businesses. Powered by iQ, Qualtrics’ predictive intelligence engine automatically takes data from across the organisation to surface deep insights and predicts the key drivers of customer experience and make accurate predictions about customer churn. It embeds in your existing workflows and processes so you can act fast to close the loop and optimise the experience for your customers.

Visit to see how it works and open your free trial account.