Our Partners

Adare SEC

We optimise communications for businesses in regulated sectors, driving compliance and cost-efficiency and delivering an enhanced customer experience through communication choice and convenience. We’re experts in multi-channel messaging, working with financial services businesses to understand communication goals and transforming processes to strike the best possible balance between paper and digital.

This is not about simply transferring existing paper-based services onto a computer screen – a broken process is a broken process. It’s about designing new and better approaches that place internal efficiencies and customer outcomes at the core. 

Our suite of communication tools enable transformation to be tackled in small, easily achievable steps. We work collaboratively with businesses to identify obvious starting points, building out solutions in as little as eight weeks. 


Atto takes the lead with a clear mission, to shape a more predictable future for lenders. Using real-time bank transaction data, Atto delivers a suite of predictive models to empower risk management.

Atto offers a range of insights that gives risk managers a detailed view of customer spending, saving, and earning. This added level of understanding enhances credit risk assessment and promotes a more compliant lending environment.

Providing accurate foresight lies at the heart of Atto’s values. By leveraging current financial information, consumers are more likely to receive equitable treatment, whilst businesses gain the tools to make more informed and appropriate lending decisions.

With innovation in data science at its core, Atto paves the way for a future where complex decisions can be made in real-time with impossibly recent data.

BVA BDRC is the global insight partner for ambitious brands seeking continuous improvement, transformation and growth. The agency empowers people and organisations to be better at what they do with insight enhanced by deep sector knowledge, data science, behavioural science and visual design.

From understanding markets and customers to crafting exceptional experiences and building strong reputations, BVA BDRC illuminates the path to success across strategy, brand, communications, innovation, and compliance.

Headquartered in London, with offices including Sydney, Singapore, and Washington DC, BVA BDRC delivers tailored solutions for diverse industries such as banking, insurance, media, travel, transportation and automotive.


We’re a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) solutions and technology. We create game-changing customer journeys for some of the world’s best brands, and the ones that are changing the world as we know it.

Every day, we Design, Build and Run CX that helps brands grow across the world and into the future. Whether it’s a specific solution or the whole end-to-end journey — we’ve got it covered. We’re the strategic thinkers who design brand-defining experiences. The tech geeks who build smarter solutions. And the operational experts who run it all and make it work seamlessly.

Across 70+ countries and six continents, we provide services across key industry verticals including banking & insurance; technology, consumer electronics; travel, retail & ecommerce; healthcare, communications & media, automotive, energy and public sector.

Within the UK we work with over 25 financial services brands, with over 45,000 financial services advisors supporting our clients globally.


House 337 is a collective that demonstrates the power of creativity – for our people, for our clients’ brands and for society.  

We create customer-centric experiences – powered by brand, differentiated through creativity and enabled with AI-technology – to create long-term relationships between organisations and their customers.

Partnering with brands from the public, private and charity sectors we use razor-sharp audience insight to develop and execute ideas which achieve real organisational impact.  

How we help  

  • Brand Strategy
  • AI Strategy
  • Experience Design 
  • Product Design
  • AI Enablement Workshops
  • Advertising & Communications 
  • Partnerships


Our specialisms 

  • Financial Services 
  • Public Sector 
  • Charity
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Fashion 
  • Sport 
  • Charity  


See our work at house337.com/our-work

Nivo is an app-based platform facilitating seamless communication between financial service providers and customers through Verified Identity Messaging (VIM). With over 80 financial services institutions already using Nivo, the platform delivers significant improvements across servicing and onboarding processes, including Know Your Customer (KYC), Bereavements, Complaints, and Mortgage and Loan Applications.

Nivo’s VIM solution offers a secure and efficient way for financial institutions to gather data, documentation, evidence, and approvals from customers and partners. Unlike traditional channels such as paper, post, phone, or email, VIM provides a convenient and user-friendly experience that transforms the customer experience.

With its mission to connect consumers and regulated financial services providers globally, Nivo is reshaping the industry by offering a comprehensive solution that streamlines communication, ensures compliance, and fosters trust between all stakeholders involved.

Telesign provides Continuous Trust™ to leading global enterprises by connecting, protecting, and defending their digital identities. Telesign verifies over five billion unique phone numbers a month, representing half of the world’s mobile users, and provides insights into the remaining billions. The company’s powerful machine learning and extensive data science deliver identity risk recommendations with a unique combination of speed, accuracy, and global reach. Telesign solutions provide fraud protection, secure communications, and enable the digital economy by helping companies and customers to engage with confidence.