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26 Visionary Financial CX Experts Address How To Sky Rocket Customer Experiences Whilst Balancing The Perfect Mix Of Digital Innovation And The Human Touch In Just 1 Day!

Actionable Customer Insights & High-Impact, Proven Technologies For Stand-Out Customer Experience Strategies & Journeys Which Deliver Real Results In Financial Services: Integrate The Latest Tech Advances & Measurement Techniques, Embed Customer-Centricity, Innovate Customer Journey Strategies & Fuel Customer Engagement Through Actionable Data & Behaviour-Led Insights To Skyrocket Customer Experience Whilst Maintaining The Human Touch & Cementing The Strategic Role Of CX

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 24th June 2021 Online.


09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Alistair Welham
Head of Marketing & Communications


09.10 Integrating New Technologies Whilst Retaining The Human Touch To Consistently Offer Streamlined & Seamless Customer Journeys

  • In a multi-channel strategy, how can financial services ensure that the human element is found at those crucial points of the customer journey?
  • Truly understand customer behaviours and expectations regarding self-serve and proactively fit your experience strategy around the needs of the customer
  • How can financial institutions better utilise AI to offer customers advice, whilst keeping that necessary human interaction available when things go wrong?

Jonathan Allen
Chief Marketing Officer
Market Finance


09.30 Streamline & Enhance Your Customer Experience Through High-Impact, Innovative Technologies

  • AI and machine learning are here to stay, but what new technologies are on the horizon to help financial services provide outstanding customer experiences?
  • How can you ensure that new tech suit your customers’ needs when integrating them into your strategy?
  • With new innovations constantly emerging, how can we decipher which are here to stay long term and what is just a flash in the pan?
  • Determine how to ensure that new technology is removing pain points from your customer journey, and not adding unnecessary complexity

Speaker to be announced. Please check the website for details.


09.50 Put Theory Into Practice! Develop An Internal Culture Where Everybody Is Bought Into CX From Top To Bottom & Truly Make Your Customer Experience Strategy Live & Breathe

  • How can you ensure all teams across the business are bought into customer-centricity and create consistently strong customer experiences across a wide range of products and platforms?
  • Prove the value of CX and drive it to the top of the agenda for everyone across often large and complicated organisations
  • How can we inspire employees to go above and beyond and create unforgettable experiences for customers?
  • Employee behaviours influence customers and vice versa! Key tips on showcasing this connection and the value of employee-focused programmes as a key area of boosting customers experience

Michael Hunter, Marketing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

Zoe Cuthbertson, Head of Marketing, Aldermore Bank PLC

Lynzi Harrison, Customer Experience Director, LVFS

Hazel Pitchers, Global Head of Marketing, AXA Investment Managers

Jonathan Coleman, Head of Digital Customer Experience & Engagement, HSBC

Keith White, Head of Digital, Leeds Building Society


10.20 Making Financial Services As Human As Humanly Possible: The Science Behind Exceptional Experiences

  • See how Aegon used pictures to paint a thousand words and numbers in their annual customer statements
  • Understand how birdsong and video games such as Call of Duty helped drive positive behaviour change
  • Learn how behavioural science can create positive outcomes for colleagues, customers and the company

Jez Groom
Founder & CEO
Cowry Consulting

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

CUSTOMER JOURNEYS - Double Perspective

11.05 Drive Streamlined & Seamless Customer Journeys That Demonstrably Boost Both Customer Experience & Revenue

  • Understand the moments that matter, in the eyes of the customer
  • Connect the dots between multiple customer touchpoints and channels to ensure best-in-class customer experiences across their journey
  • Innovative methodologies and practices to ensure a customer journey that looks effortless from end to end
  • Turn your customer journey mapping from an internal pipedream into something your customers can truly feel! Practical advice on harnessing journey mapping to create actionable and data-led strategies that drive customer experience skyward

11.05 Perspective One
Catherine Yardley
Director, Customer Management Product & Strategy - UK Card
Capital One

11.25 Perspective Two
Saurabh Bahadur
Head of Customer Experience Insight
Domestic & General


11.45 Next Generation Virtual Meeting technology for Financial Advice: A winning experience of your Brand voice in the new Meeting Place 

Ensure that your organisation is ready to compete using the next generation of virtual meeting technology

Jim Callan, Chief Executive Officer, Econiq

Stephen Blake, Chief Client Experience Officer, Econiq


12.15 Expert Insights From FinTechs & Disruptors On The Innovations That Will Be Reshaping & Driving Customer Experience In The Near Future

  • What innovations can you see disrupting customers’ expectations in the future and how can financial services prepare for these?
  • Lessons to learn from! How can larger organisations with legacy systems successfully implement agile processes and mindsets into their customer experience strategy?
  • How can financial services keep pace with the market leaders in customer experience and offer best-in-class experiences that the customers of tomorrow are looking for?

William Bicknell, Chief Innovation Officer, Oakbrook Finance

Hamish Wood, Head of Customer Experience, GoCardless

Sarah Ratner, Head of Customer Operations, Lendable

Julian Sawyer, Managing Director, Europe, Gemini

Jonathan Hodge, Chief Operating Officer, RateSetter

Roberto Napolitano, Marketing Director, Seedrs

Malina Ciolpan, Product Owner, Yolt

12.45 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


13.15 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Employee UX
Gary Razzell
Head of User Experience IT


C) Contact Centres

D) Vulnerable Customers

E) Trust

F) Open Banking


13.45 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Alistair Welham
Head of Marketing & Communications


13.55 Practical Insights On Gathering Key Customer Feedback To Create Data-Driven Strategies & Prove The Value Of Your Customer Experience Programme

  • Move beyond NPS and dig deeper into the experiences your customers have with your brand across their journey to gain insightful feedback that can inform and power exceptional customer experiences
  • Drive efficiencies in the measurement process to ensure your data is working together, rather than in isolation
  • Best-practice advice on how to truly measure the ROI of your experience strategy and prove the bottom-line value of CX throughout your organisation
  • How much is too much? How to go about gathering actionable and reliable feedback throughout a customer’s journey without interrupting their experience

Madeleine Linden
Senior Manager, CX Insight
Virgin Money UK PLC


14.15 Get To The Core Of What Customers Expect From Financial Services Institutions & Truly Understand Their Needs To Ensure The Customer Is At The Heart Of Your Business

  • What key customer trends and behaviours do financial services need to focus on to keep your customer experience strategy fit for the future?
  • With other industries setting the benchmark and changing customer’s expectations, how can financial services keep pace and consistently meet and exceed what customers expect from them?
  • What tactics ensure you truly understand customer behaviours and expectations to effectively meet their needs?

Dominic Traynor
Global Head of Digital Experience
BNY Mellon

BONUS SESSION - Reserved For Conference Partner

14.35 Can You Help Financial Services Organisations Deliver Best-In-Class Customer Experiences? This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise in front of your target audience. We have a variety of speaking, exhibition and one-to-one meetings packages available, but hurry as opportunities remain strictly limited to join our brand-led speaker line-up on stage! Call us now on +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


15.05 Navigate Complex Data Sets To Determine Actionable Insights Which Measurably Boost Customer Experience

  • Which key data metrics should organisations be looking towards to truly hear the voice of the customer and measurably improve customer journeys and experience?
  • Innovative data capture formats to ensure you are gathering feedback from all aspects of your customer journey
  • How can the complex data silos across an organisation be used holistically to make the best use out of the data you have from customers and unlock the insights you already have?
  • Open Banking offers a world of opportunities, but how can financial institutions ensure that customer data is safe and secure enough for them to feel the benefits?



TBC. Investing in Experience

Lead Experience Strategist – Nomensa

Jan De Schepper, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Swissquote


15.55 Rapid Application Development Through Experience Led Transformation & Customer Experience

Priyesh Ranmal, Head of Digital Experience, RBS

STRATEGIC ROLE OF CX - Double Perspective

16.15 Employ CX As A Strategic Lever For Change & Growth Within Internal Processes & Move The Customer To The Centre Of Business Decision-Making

  • Highlight customer experience as a key driver for internal change and ensure experience is seen as a key priority in your organisation
  • With larger organisations facing issues such as complex legacy systems and a large range of products, how can CX practitioners strategically bridge these gaps and create a holistic programme where CX is integrated from top to bottom?
  • What internal team structure maximises the potential of your customer experience strategy and helps turn it from theory into reality?
  • What does the future landscape look like for customer experience, and how can financial institutions ensure they’re fit for the future?

16.45 Perspective One
Kathryn Rioch
Head of Client Experience Corporate Digital Banking

16.35 Perspective Two
Morgane Peng
Design Director
Société Générale

16.55 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks
Alistair Welham
Head of Marketing & Communications

17.00 Close Of Conference

This is your opportunity to get involved before the event launches and be apart of the agenda and showcase your expertise in front of your target audience. We have a variety of speaking, exhibition and one-to-one meetings packages available, but hurry as opportunities remain strictly limited to join our brand-led speaker line-up on stage! Call us now on +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email