Leverage Shifting Customer Expectations & Innovative Digital Advancements To Deliver

Brand New, Seamless, High-Impact, Consistent & Consumer-Focused Customer Experience Strategies & Journeys In Financial Services

5th June 2024 | 11th Annual | London

Enhance Experiences, Increase Loyalty & Skyrocket Satisfaction With Seamless & Frictionless Customer Journeys • Shifting Customer Behaviour & Expectations • Cutting-Edge AI & New Tech • Customer-Centric Cultures • Maintain The Human Touch • Converting Customer Data To Prove ROI • Next-Level CX Strategies • Boosted Customer Loyalty & Retention • Winning Hyper-Personalisation • Customer Security & Privacy

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Sharniya Ferdinand, Enterprise Community Strategy Director, NatWest


09.10 Deliver Connected Customer Journeys To Drive Seamless Multi-Channel Experiences That Maximise Loyalty & Satisfaction

  • Analyse customer and user pain points across journeys to eliminate attrition and achieve seamless and frictionless customer journeys that drive loyalty and consumer satisfaction levels
  • How are you effectively making use of existing customer data to personalise experiences across touchpoints and predict future customer needs?
  • Achieve true omni-channel success! Maintain consistent brand messaging across channels for seamless and connected customer service that retains customers in-store and online
  • Agent assist, sentiment analysis, chatbots… what new automations can you develop and adapt to improve end-to-end customer service?

Umang Sota, Head of Product –  Interfaces/Payment Experiences, Checkout.com


Panel & Q&A

09.30 Utilise Valuable User Insights & Data To Deep Dive Into Shifting Customer Expectations & Behaviours & Deliver Top-Notch Customer Experiences Time & Time Again

  • No one should be left behind so how are you guaranteeing that your customer experience strategies are inclusive to all types of customers?
  • Critical questions answered! Where do customers’ priorities lie currently? How are you shifting strategies to ensure you constantly meet ever-changing consumer demands?
  • Capture and action customer insights and behaviours to better understand your customers mindset and focus along their journey and translate this data into tailored and engaging Financial Services customer experiences
  • Re-energise your complaints culture, revitalise your customer research, and maximise customer feedback to really understand customer expectations today and deliver gold-standard customer experiences

Clive Head, Customer Engagement Squad Lead, Santander

Brian Stewart, Global Head of Customer Insight, Digital Experience & Analytics, AXA Investment Managers UK Limited

Jo Overton, MD Customer Propositions & Strategy, Business & Commercial Banking, Lloyds Banking Group

Sam Nixon, Head of Propositions, Aviva

Ross Cameron, Head of Regulatory Developments, Natwest

Mark Allaway, Customer Insight Specialist, Moneybarn


10.00 The Subtle Art Of Listening; Designing Great Customer Support Experiences For Financial Services

Samuel Fabayo, Senior Product Designer, Monzo Bank

 10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Panel & Q&A

11.20 Construct Gold-Standard Customer Experiences By Developing Internal Cultures That Are Founded On Customer Needs & Expectations

  • Examine your current digital products and services to determine if further personalisation is needed to provide a greater degree of customer-centricity to enhance the FS customer experience
  • Empower and motivate customer-facing teams with the right techniques, tools, and technologies to deliver experiences that put customers first
  • Deliver meaningful connections and contact when emotions are high, and customers are vulnerable, to create strong company-customer relationships and deliver positive outcomes
  • When budgets and spending are as tight as ever, how can FS organisations be driven by customer needs rather than business requirements that are not fully validated by the end user?

Danielle Battleson-Porterfield, CX- Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Natalie Fuller, Head of Customer Marketing & Communication, Cashplus Bank

Glyn Keachie, Head of Customer Service & Operations, NatWest

Gabriel  Ross, Head of Customer Strategy, Home Protect Insurance


11.50 Strike The Critical Balance Between Tech & Human Touchpoints To Exceed Customer Expectations & Fuel Next-Level Experiences

  • Whilst AI brings efficiency and productivity, how can we ensure the human touch goes hand-in-hand with new tech developments to provide effortless experiences for all customers?
  • Deep dive into customer interactions with digital products and examine engagement rates and customer churn to see where the human touch is critical for your target customers
  • With digital transactions and online payments the new normal, how can you reassure and safeguard customers who are reluctant to switch to new payment products and are more comfortable in branch?

Perspective 1: 11.50 – Nina Tropeano, Head of Experience Design, Lloyds Banking Group

Perspective 2: 12.10 – Matthew Baxter, Head of UX & Design, Deutsche Bank Accounting


12.30 Harness Customer Data & Behavioural Insights To Create Customer-Centric & Personalised Experiences That Drive Impressive Bottom-Line Results

  • How are you combining data across your systems and software for tailored client and customer profiles that can offer personalised advice and offers at scale?
  • Uncover new strategies to leverage data and analytics which drive successful customer and user experiences whilst remaining vigilant and compliant amidst new and evolving regulations
  • How well do you really know your customers? Utilise data surrounding purchase points, customer churn, and online behaviours to drive customer-centric experiences and boost bottom-line results

Kevin Murphy, Chief Operating Officer, NatWest Roostmoney

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.30 Peer-to-Peer Discussions:

A) The Future of CX
B) Improving User Experience
C) Customer Vulnerability

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Gareth Johnson, Head of Digital Client Experience, Brewin Dolphin


Panel & Q&A

14.00 Achieve Exceptional Customer Experiences With Data-First & Customer-Centred Strategies That Deliver Real & Tangible Results

  • No two customer journeys are the same and so shouldn’t be treated so! Continually assess shifting customer behaviours and feedback to inspire consistent journey improvements and frictionless customer experiences
  • Leveraging an effective data-centric approach! How are FS organisations utilising data to gain a better understanding of customer values to provide sophisticated, personalised experiences which improve the customer journey
  • What does ‘outstanding customer experience’ mean in 2024 in Financial Services? Unite the silos with a holistic approach to service design and customer duty for a clear message employees can get behind

Anu Bailey, Director of Customer Strategy, Leeds Building Society

James Fletcher, Head of Customer Insight & Analytics, Santander UK

Scott Smith, Managing Director, Head of Client Experience Transformation, BlackRock

Daniel Bunton, Head Of Customer Support, Cleo

Hamish Wood, VP, Customer Success UKI, GoCardless

Hakan Isik, Global Head of User Experience, Citi


14.30 Cultivate Insight-Driven & Data-First Loyalty & Retention Strategies Guaranteed To Engage Customers & Clients, Improve Service Experiences & Power Retention Rates

  • Rewarding renewals, points-based prices, exclusive clubs… develop loyalty schemes which are flexible to customers’ needs, increase brand loyalty and ultimately maximises purchase frequency
  • What key advancements within AI and new tech can be leveraged to maximise personalisation and boost customer engagement and retention?
  • Intent, engagement, demographics…. effectively capture and handle data around CX to drive service improvements, retain your current customer base, and boost acquisition rates

Mike Davies, Head of Business Development, Yorkshire Building Society

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.50 Power Data-First & Customer-Centric Personalisation Strategies That Fuel Engagement & Elevate Customer, Client & User Experiences

  • How are you activating and leveraging accessible data for personalised customer experiences every time?
  • Go beyond standard practice to surprise and delight! Enhance relationships and elevate engagement with clients and customers by surprising customers with an experience they will not expect
  • We’ve already explored the power of ChatGTP… but what key advancements within AI and ML are coming next to boost hyper-personalisation at scale and maximise customer engagement?
  • How are you striking that critical balance and delivering personalised content and tailored experiences that boost interactivity without overstepping privacy boundaries?


16.10 Cultivate Outstanding Customer Experiences Bound By Security & Privacy Principles To Maximise Customer Trust & Boost Consumer Retention

  • Maintaining customer trust is a business-critical priority – investigate and overcome potential data pitfalls with safe handling of customer data to drive consumer trust and maximise retention rates
  • Personalised services yes… but not too personal! Maintain the critical balance between hyper-personalised practices and experiences that uphold critical customer privacy for consistent improvements and satisfaction
  • Security and privacy are not an afterthought! How can financial service organisations ensure they are educating customers about security best practices and potential threats?

16.30 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference

Gareth Johnson, Head of Digital Client Experience, Brewin Dolphin