A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, Central London, 18th January 2023

Transform Channel Strategies In The Disrupted Financial Services Landscape With Data-Driven Multichannel Customer Strategies & Cutting-Edge Product Design To Secure Market Share & Deliver

Omnichannel Excellence & Quality Experiences Which Win & Retain Financial Services Customers

Best-In-Class Channel Strategies • Digital Transformation • New Tech, FinTechs & Digital Trailblazers Horizon Scanning • Customer Acquisition • Younger Digital Natives • Data-Driven Customer & Measurement Strategies • Internal Collaboration & Customer Centricity • InvestSmart • Compliance • Open Banking • Traditional Channels • Retention & Re-Engagement

18th January 2023, Central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Jazz Singh, Deputy Global Head of Communications, Société Générale


09.10 Drive Consistency Across New & Existing Channels Alike & Consolidate Splintering Customer Bases With A Blended Offering & User-Friendly Experience

  • Scattered data? Fragmented service? Optimise your CRM and ensure queries pass seamlessly through channels and agents, dodging pain points for customers to enjoy a true omnichannel experience
  • Attrition modelling and customer segmentation: understand your demographics and user habits to unlock targeted messaging, channel strategies and ROI
  • From the community footprint of legacy banks to new age digital technology, rally your resources around customer behaviours post-COVID and speak to disparate audiences in a personalised way
  • Can you really offer every possibility on every channel? Connect your back-end and in-store experience with consistent style and substance and let your brand speak with the same voice everywhere
Heather Hearne-Pool, Digital Experience Lead, RBS International 


09.30 Achieve Painless Digital Transformation To Update Channel Strategies In Line With Ongoing Shifts Towards Digital & Successfully Increase Customer New Tech Adoption

  • Find a balance between the best new tech approaches and old-school channel expertise to appeal to a varied customer base during digital transition
  • Ensure the importance of back-office customer centricity is realised to design effective self-servicing options and best-in-class omnichannel performance 
  • How can you achieve high-quality, user-friendly digital services which deliver a competitive edge – especially in Financial Services spaces where traditional business and channels are still highly prized?
  • Driven by strategy first: enhance your automation and AI and track and measure return on investment to prioritise digital channel design that is tailored to your value proposition

Kassie Siwo-Gasa, Head of Digital Marketing, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)

Stewart Conway, Head of Digital & Sales Enablement, Columbia Threadneedle Investments (EMEA & APAC)

Sol Enenmoh, Head of Digital Transformation, Vanquis Bank

Richard Barham, Head of Digital Performance & Analytics, Post Office Ltd

Anand Doshi, Head of Digital Advisor & Client Solutions, International Private Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co

Alexandra Dodds, Director of Product Management, Global Mobile App, American Express


10.10  With The Rapid Growth In FinTech… Remodel Your Consumer-Facing Products To Be User-Friendly, Customer-Centric & Future Ready

  • Best-in-class customer service: advance your IVR, chatbots and other AI tools with slick design to take the weight off customer onboarding, resolution and more, and enable your company to prioritise the personal touch where it is most needed
  • Get with the curve on contactless and wearables to meet rapidly changing habits around purchasing and in store experienc
  • Look to the future of open banking, point-of-purchase incentives, price comparison, buy-now-pay-later, data sharing and more
  • Coming together in new battlegrounds: understand where the risks and opportunities lie in blockchain and cryptocurrency to chart your trajectory within the finance of the future
10.10 Ange Johnson de Wet, Cloud Enabled Business Transformation – Head of FunctionLloyds Banking Group

10.30 Anuj Agarwal, Data And Analytics Lead, Natwest Group

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking
11.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.50 Identify The Best Channels To Reach & Engage New Customer Groups, Boost Efficiency In Your Customer Acquisition & Retain Loyal Customers

  • Savvy clientele: with more and more individuals sourcing their financial services independently, court new customers with clear, relevant and competitive products
  • Ride the wave of new tech to maximise your offerings across all available channels, glean valuable data and deliver new customer pipelines for your company
  • With sector trailblazers and FinTechs constantly innovating their channel choices to match their customer bases, how can you adapt your approach to win and retain market share? 
  • Capitalise on inbound marketing, client referrals and more to reduce costs, tap into new customer behaviours and inspire them to create the buzz for you
  • In a crowded marketplace, how can we growth hack in new channels and customer bases to improve cross- and up-selling and drive additional revenue growth

Mike Davies, Head Of Business Development, Yorkshire Building Society



12.10 Redesign Channels To Optimise Self-Service & Drive Investment In The Tech-Savvy, Mobile-First Generation To Secure Long-Term Market Share

  • With finance institutions and FinTech challengers going hard for growth in the new age of online banking, reach and retain mobile savvy audiences with slick banking and investment portals
  • In challenging economic times, appeal to younger generations who are socially responsible and proactive in managing their finances with attractive product offers and sustainable investment opportunities 
  • Tailor products to new customer habits and unlock personalisation and transparency with slick account self-management tools and relevant upselling
  • Know the value of younger customers and their data and embed loyalty into your offerings to reap the long-term benefits

Nikunj Lukka, Head of Operations, Octopus Wealth


12.30 Data Insights Fuelling The Feedback Loop: Connect The Dots Between Engagement & ROI To Direct Future Campaign Successes

  • Ensure user-friendly data collection and secure effective CRM insights and distribution throughout relevant teams for frictionless, personalised customer channel strategies
  • Which insight tools and methods such as attrition modelling can help indicate the best channel combinations to hone campaigns, consolidate leads and maximise conversions with the resources available?
  • Demand generation or demand capture? Decipher which campaigns, inbound marketing or related content are most effective in engaging your customer base
  • Open banking and data incentives at point-of-purchase: what could the future hold for data sharing in finance?

12.50 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


13.20 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

a) Insurance – Digital Underwriting & Value-Added Benefits

Mitchell Barker, Head of Product & Chief Distribution Officer, HSBC Life (UK) Ltd

Tim Norman, Senior Product & Team Manager, HSBC Life (UK) Ltd

b)Venture Capital

Alessandra Canavesi, Head Of Marketing, AXA Investment Managers

c) Vulnerable Customers

Louise Allemagne, Compliance Manager, The Lending Standards Board

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks



14.00 Talking The Same Language? Step Up Your Customer-Centric Cultures To Achieve Internal Cross-Functional Collaboration & Tangibly Improve The Front-End Omnichannel Customer Journey, Maintain High Levels Of Service & Thrive In A Competitive Marketplace

  • Bring the customer to life beyond the data or personalisation for your back-end teams to create truly customer-first cultures
  • Uncover how marketing, sales, growth and relationship management functions sit best within your company and support each other to fuel and consolidate your customer base
  • Tech revolution? How can we support colleagues in the shift towards digital skillsets, be clear in our strategy, aims and direction, and help them flourish in driving effective channels?
Alessandra Canavesi, Head Of Marketing, AXA Investment Managers

Wasim Mushtaq, Transformation Lead Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

Maninder Bahra, Former Managing Director, Chief Control Officer, Barclays UK

Daniele Calderoni, Group Head of Brand Marketing, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd


14.30 Help Consumers Make Better-informed Investment Decisions & Become Smarter Investors

Emma Stranack, Head of Department, Communication Strategy, Content & Channels, Financial Conduct Authority 


14.50 With National Regulators & Silicon Valley Playing Catch-Up On Customer Strategies & New Tech, Monitor Compliance Closely To Protect Customers, Insulate Your Company From Key Risks, Remain Agile & Act Quickly On
Channel Opportunities

  • What is the latest guidance? And how can we best collaborate with our risk and compliance teams to drive innovation in risk-averse environments?
  • End-to-end, responsive and secure: pave the way for your customers’ digital journeys with security checks, smooth hand-offs to live agent support and built-in service excellence
  • Allay concerns over fraud and privacy with clarity and transparency around anonymity, data protection and use, inspire confidence with timely and unobtrusive data requests, and reassure customers with a 360-degree view
  • Internal processes and policies: strengthen clarity and knowledge-sharing between product, sales and marketing functions and compliance to boost efficiency when updating legacy systems to newer channels
  • Make the necessary cultural shift on consumer protections to safeguard your customer outcomes at each stage of product service and development
Ross Cameron, Head of Regulatory Developments, NatWest Group

15.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner
15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.10 How Is Consumer Data Evolving At Point-Of-Purchase & Driving Market Opportunities Around Choice & Personalisation? 

Bruno Nicole, Global Open Banking Program Manager, BNP Paribas Personal Finance


16.30 Don’t Lose The Value Of Telephony, Letters, Emails, The Branch Network & In-Person Assistance In The Shift To Digital & Carry The Human Touch Forward

  • How can you secure the buy-in to retain investment in more traditional channels which service older, vulnerable and relationship-driven customer bases – and ensure the digital channel strategy remains aligned
  • In the move away from phone contact and in-branch services towards digitalisation, listen and respond to vulnerable customers during the transition to ensure good client outcomes
  • Support late adopters with video, visual aids and other means to increase the accessibility, comfort levels and adoption of new channels
  • Don’t underestimate opportunities within face-to-face and local relationships in servicing and converting high-net-worth individuals

Anna Roughley, Head of Insight, The Lending Standards Board 


16.50 With Channels & Behaviours In Flux, Reinforce Your Customer Base With Great User Experience & Targeted Offers To Stay Competitive With Increasingly Knowledgeable & Less Loyal Audiences

  • Do customers really expect ASOS or John Lewis servicing from all FS institutions? How can we funnel efforts to strategically upgrade cross-channel UX where it matters most?
  • Which key customer insights are most effective in unlocking compelling loyalty strategies? And how can we best take advantage of different approaches such as demand capture?
  • Build a personal touch and a strong brand identity into your customer communications and marketing collateral for a slick UX to strengthen historical connection, develop emotional ties and create life-long customers
Mike Williams, CRM Director, Vitality

Richard Smith, Senior Manager – Marketing Data, Analytics & Automation, abrdn

Kshitija Joshi, Vice President (Data Science), Global Data Office, Nomura International

17.20 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference