10th Annual, One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, 1 America Square London, 13th June 2023

Exceed Customer Expectations With High-Impact, Mission-Critical Tech, Behavioural Data & Cultural Innovations For

Exceptional Customer Experience Strategies & Outstanding Outcome-Focused Journeys In Financial Services

Leverage Changing Customer Needs & Expectations, Optimise Seamless, Cohesive Customer Journeys, Capture Critical Data Insights & Measure Customer Outcomes, Embrace Cutting-Edge New Tech, AI & Digital Innovations Which Balance The Human Touch, Secure Buy-In & Inspire Employees To Further Customer Duty, Support Vulnerable Customers & Deliver Bottom-Line Results

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Fergus Murphy, Group Customer Experience Officer, Virgin Money UK

Outstanding Customer Journeys



09.20 Drive Positive Financial Outcomes Across Your Service Delivery To Meet Regulatory Pressures, Maximise Financial Wellbeing For Customers & Boost Loyalty

  • Pre-empt and personalise content across every customer touchpoint for efficient, end-to-end journeys which build and secure long-term trust and brand loyalty
  • Tackling critical questions: what are you doing to prepare for incoming FCA consumer duty regulations? How do you define a ‘good’ outcome, and how do you measure customer outcomes for success?
  • Align your business structure with your CX strategies – break down internal silos and reap the rewards with clear internal communications and a smooth service design

09.20 Kevin Murphy, Integration & Programme Lead, Youth & Families, NatWest Group

09.40 Laurence Veale, Head of Experience Design, AIB Bank

Changing Customer Behaviours & Expectations



09.50 Adapt To Shifting Customer Spending Behaviours & Truly Understand Ever-Increasing Customer Expectations To Deliver Competitive Services & Gold-Standard Experiences

  • Global pandemic, geopolitical disruption, and now the cost-of-living crisis – how can you continue to meet and maintain customer expectations with the added strain of physical health, mental health, and skyrocketing prices?
  • Make it personal, but not too personal! Utilise AI and behavioural data to assess what consumers mean by a ‘personalised’ financial services experience that isn’t imposing or discriminative
  • When consumers needs are so different, how can financial services focus on key trends without leaving the minority behind?

Andreas Pantazopoulos, Head of Client Insight, Coutts

Ashley Driver, Global Head of Digital Adoption – Commercial Banking, HSBC

Anna Roughley, Head of Insight & Engagement, Lending Standards Board

Mona Christensen, Head of Client & Product Outcomes, Hargreaves Lansdown

10.10 Bonus Session; Cowry Counsulting

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Data-Driven CX Strategies


11.10 Leverage Customer Data & Behavioural Insights To Drive Personalisation & Powerful Customer Experiences For Positive Outcomes & Impressive Bottom-Line Results

  • Beyond inflows and outflows! Address the need for higher quality with in-depth customer data insights captured throughout the customer journey for a truly holistic understanding
  • Navigate complex data sets to identify customer values and optimise insights to unlock tailored personalised experiences for your customers
  • Evaluate legacy systems and discover the latest data storage technologies to secure sensitive data and build upon trust and security with your customers

Ange Johnson de Wet, Business & Commercial Banking Technology, Lloyds Banking Group

Customer-Centric Cultures




11.30 Inspire Employees To Go Above-&-Beyond & Create A Company Culture Which Places Customers At The Heart Of Every Decision To Create Brand-Boosting Moments Customers Won’t Forget

  • What does ‘outstanding customer experience’ mean in 2023? Unite the silos with a holistic approach to service design and customer duty for a clear message employees can get behind and commit to
  • Happy employees = happy customers! Consistently monitor tangible metrics of employee performance and engagement to benchmark success and preserve a truly customer-centric company culture
  • How can Financial Services reassure hesitant employees during times of disruption, change and digital transformation and secure their buy-in to deliver good customer outcomes?

Jakub Weber, Director, Client Experience, Strategic Advisory, BNY Mellon

Sharna Thomson, Head of Customer, Zurich Insurance

Ross Coombs, Product Manager, JP Morgan Chase

Karen Coleman, Director of Customer Operations, Wesleyan Assurance

Jürgen Blumberg, Head of ETF Product & Capital Markets, Goldman Sachs

12.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner 

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Fergus Murphy, Group Customer Experience Officer, Virgin Money UK

New Tech & AI Innovations



13.40 Monetise The Latest, Innovative New Tech & AI Paving The Way To The Future Of Market-Leading Customer Experiences In Financial Services 

  • Open banking, ChatGPT, quantum computing… what’s next? Leverage the latest consumers trends and how to best support them through change for seamless and streamlined customer experiences
  • The ethics behind AI and personalisation: how can you programme technologies to account for each and every customer demographic for all-inclusive, ethical AI decision-making?
  • How can you secure buy-in and maintain your organisational culture when fundamentally changing individual roles and how whole teams operate with new tech and AI?

13.40 Tom Clay, Head of Data Science, Covéa Insurance Plc

14.00 Bhavik Mohandas, Director of Digital Products, American Express

Customer Duty & Vulnerable Customers


NEW FOR 2023!

14.20 Examine How Vulnerability Continues To Evolve Against The Backdrop Of The Pandemic & Cost-Of-Living Crisis To Pinpoint Signs Of Vulnerability, Enhance Your Support Strategies & Further Customer Duty Promises

  • Proactively identify and help to prevent newly financially vulnerable customers from difficulty by maximising Covid-19 and cost-of-living data insights and driving outcome-focused strategies
  • Where we need empathy, we need human interaction! Equip your workforce with the right tools and skills to handle difficult situations, support vulnerable customers effectively and deliver positive outcomes
  • How can you prepare for and combat the increased risk of fraud and scams throughout challenging times? Build and maintain trust with your customers with comprehensive financial literacy education to ensure each and every customers has access to the support they need

Vicki Heslop, Director of Customer Experience, Covéa Insurance Plc

14.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.10 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Measurement & ROI

15.40 Measure, Assess, Refine, Repeat! Identify The Tangible Metrics To Best Measure Customer Outcomes & Benchmark Performance To Meet Regulatory Requirements & Drive ROI

  • Harness the latest outcome measurement techniques for improved customer experiences and to evidence customer duty to customers and regulatory bodies
  • Measure, capture and action customer insights to better understand your customers at various touchpoints along customer journeys and translate these into refined and personalised FS customer experience strategies
  • What gets measured, gets managed – harness customer feedback and translate findings into action to enhance and improve your CX strategies that secure customer retention and sustained customer engagement

Alessandra Canavesi, Head of Digital Marketing & Customer Experience, AXA IM Alts

Digital Vs. The Human Touch


16.00 Exceed Evolving Customer Needs & Service Expectations With Streamlined Digital Touchpoints & Meaningful Human Interactions For Ultimate Success

  • In-branch vs. online: how can you balance inclusion, digital progression, and the varied and often conflicting demands of multi-generational customers in today’s digital-first world?
  • Deliver meaningful human contact when emotions are high and customers are vulnerable to foster trust and build safe and open relationships
  • Translate critical data-driven insights directly into your strategies by analysing how customers interact with digital products for continuous improvement and maintained coherent experiences across multi-channel offerings

16.00 Mevs Chaudery, CX Specialist – Corporate Sales & FX, Citi

16.20 Anna Roughley, Head of Insight & Engagement, Lending Standards Board

The Strategic Role Of CX




16.40 Secure CX As A Strategic & Valuable Business Function With Critical Data Insights & Proven Results To Ensure Long-Term Buy-In

  • Continually assess changing customer behaviours and feedback for business-critical insights which inspire consistent improvements to make your CX teams stand out
  • What service design models and internal team structure is best to execute your CX strategies for proven, tangible results?
  • Ensure CX and customer duty remain key strategic priorities for your financial service organisation with client-centric focused teams who effectively deliver your winning CX strategies

Zac Shander-Kelsey, INCX Product Owner, BNY Mellon

Dave Priestley, Chief Product Owner, Vitality

17.10 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

Fergus Murphy, Group Customer Experience Officer, Virgin Money UK

17.20 Official Close of Conference