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26 CX Directors Are Leveraging Customer-Centric Technologies & Tool Innovations To Deliver Stand-Out Customer Experiences & Effortless Journeys In Financial Services

Win Big With Proven Technologies & Next-Level Insights Into Customer Needs, Expectations & Behaviours For Exceptional Customer Experience Strategies & Journeys In Financial Services
Embrace Cutting-Edge New Technologies & Digitalisation Applications Which Balance The Human Touch, Truly Understand Customer Needs, Optimise Seamless, Multi-Channel Customer Journeys Which Deliver Bottom-Line Results, Leverage Key Data Insights & The Voice Of The Customer & Put The Customer Genuinely At The Heart Of Business Strategies & Culture. A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 27th June 2019, London

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Natalie Winterfrost
Client Director
Aberdeen Standard Investments

Gurpreet Garcha
Director, Client Experience & Marketing Strategy EMEA
Silicon Valley Bank


09.20 Balancing Human Vs. Technology: Leveraging Customer-Centric Technologies & Tool Innovations To Deliver Stand-Out Customer Experiences & Effortless Journeys

  • Getting it right! Identifying how and where new technologies and digital innovations are best placed in the customer journey to truly add value
  • Linking together technology and data solutions with ‘the human touch’ and support to ensure effective implementation, effortless journeys and exceptional customer experiences
  • How can financial services take advantage of the latest technologies and innovations and successfully apply automation and AI?

Pol Navarro
Digital Director
TSB Bank


09.40  FinTech, Challengers & Disruptors Share Inspiring Hot, New Innovation & Strategies Driving Their Customer Experience Practices

  • How do you see new technologies and innovations influencing customer behaviours and expectations in 2019, and what do you foresee for the future?
  • As the likes of Google, Amazon, Apple continue to expand, could traditional financial services eventually be left behind as customers begin to look to the big tech players to provide more services?
  • What is your advice for embedding adaptable customer strategies to prepare for new trends, tech, innovations and increasing globalisation to drive outstanding customer experiences now and in the future?

Seema Desai
Chief Operations Officer

Jason Maude
Head of System Analytics
Starling Bank

Sarah Ratner
Head of Customer Operations

Steve Tigar
Money Dashboard


10.10 In-Depth Insights Into Financial Services Customer Behaviours, Needs & Expectations To Adapt & Inform Long-Term Customer Experience Strategies

  • What are the drivers of great customer experiences in today’s climate? Understanding customer wants, expectations and pain points
  • Tracking and interpreting customer behaviours to identify new opportunities to add value and create next-level customer experiences
  • We’re past the “one-size fits all” approach! How can truly understand our customers’ needs to deliver customer experiences which stand out from the crowd and win customer loyalty?

Anthony Scammell
Director of Customer Experience

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Innovating Customer Strategies To Drive Seamless Customer Journeys On Multiple Channels & Create Stand-Out, Value-Adding Customer Experiences With Measurable ROI

  • Proactive strategies to better engage customers and deliver outstanding customer experiences with measurable business impact
  • Exploring innovative customer-facing initiatives: how can we add value with nice touches which go above and beyond customer expectations?
  • Joining the dots behind the scenes to create seamless, integrated journeys across multiple online and offline channels and optimise effortless customer experiences and outcomes
  • Executing customer journey mapping in complex environments

11.20 Delivering The Human Touch In CX Transformation Using Behavioural Science: How To Use ‘Nudges’ To Deliver Elegant & Effective CX

  • All humans, including your customers, have behavioural biases and irrational decision making
  • Learn about how these principles from Behavioural Science have been applied in real-world businesses to improve customer and employee experience
  • After hearing about pinks walls to improve safety on construction sites, to increasing ISA asset flows by 103.15% for an investment management company, to delivering ROIs of £37:1 in one of the UK’s largest pension companies, you’ll leave feeling inspired to try out ‘nudging’ to improve your CX

Jez Groom, Chief Choice Architect, Cowry Consulting


11.50 Embracing New Digital Capabilities Without Losing The Human Touch To Optimise Customer Journeys & Experiences & Boost Business Results

  • What’s the perfect balance? Insights into how and where to best place limited human resources to maximise impact for seamless, next-level customer journeys and experiences
  • Exploring how new digital advances fit in with changing customer needs to ensure financial services organisations stay relevant and meet customer expectations for long-term success
  • Digital innovations are exciting, but to what extent can we replace human interaction? When will we reach the digital saturation point?

11.50 Perspective One

Tom Newbould
Chief Marketing Officer

12.10 Perspective Two

Alison Davies
Head of Digital
Skipton Building Society

12.30 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13:00 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Social Media
Tina Cracknell
Head of Digital Marketing UK & Jersey
UBS Wealth Management

B) Social Media
Iain Gibbons
Marketing Director
Thomas Cook Retail and Money

C) Trust
Anna Mori
Global Head of Customer Strategy & Insight for Insurance


Daniel Bell
Design Lead
Close Brothers

E) Customer Service Design
Odette Maher
Head of Client Experience, Executive Director
Santander Corporate and Investment Banking UK

F) Millenials & Gen Z
James Breeze
CRM Lead
Leeds Building Society

13.30 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks
Richard Levy
Head of Marketing - Digital and Key Partnerships

MoneyGram International


13.50 Advanced Methods & Innovative Techniques For Gathering Honest Feedback, Measuring Customer Satisfaction & Demonstrating Your ROI To The Board

  • Survey fatigue? Exploring new, innovative opportunities to gather customer feedback – ensuring the feedback process is simple and actionable so customers can see the value and experience improvements
  • Proving the commercial benefits of customer experience programmes with the best metrics and methods for linking revenue growth to customer experience
  • Beyond NPS. Top tips for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction and feeding key insights back to drive next-level customer experiences and journeys


14.10 Embedding Truly Customer-Centric Mindsets & Cultures Within Financial Services Organisations To Power Stand-Out, Value-Adding Customer Experiences In 2019 & Beyond

  • Best-practice approaches to embedding customer-centricity in the company DNA to grow the business, boost revenue and influence positive customer perceptions and experiences
  • What are the secrets behind changing the ethos business-wide to drive greater focus on customer experience and truly differentiate your brand to stand out from the crowd?
  • Top tips for demonstrating the impact of customer-centricity and employee engagement to secure business-wide buy-in to the link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction and keep influencing positive staff behaviour, mindset and culture change

Alex Latham
Chief Marketing Officer
Chip Financial Ltd

A Representative From:

Michael Anyfantakis
Head of Innovation Design
Lloyds Banking Group

Hélène Gullen
Head of Customer Experience
Unum UK

Katy Axcell-Steele
Group Head of Customer Marketing and Brand

14.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


15.10 Successful Strategies For Aligning Business & Customer Values To Deliver Next-Level Customer Experiences Which Exceed Customer Expectations & Achieve Measurable Business Impact

  • The Monzo effect? Putting the customer at the heart of business strategies to drive next-generation customer-centricity and win long-term loyalty
  • Striking the right balance between focusing on customer needs and business needs to ensure we are delivering excellent customer experiences whilst achieving key commercial goals
  • Aligning strategies across diverse teams in the organisation and adopting agile principles and processes to support customer experience programmes and drive success

Caroline Darnbrook
Director - Products and Marketing
Darlington Building Society

15.30     Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00    Leveraging Next-Level Data Insights & Analytics To Better Understand & Interpret The Voice Of The Customer & Drive Tailored, Results-Boosting Customer Experiences

  • As customer experience continues to advance, actionable data insights are more important than ever! How can we leverage customer and market insights to power successful, data-driven customer experience programmes?
  • Optimising the role of both quantitative and qualitative data to gain key insights to support and adapt customer experience strategies and drive measurable results
  • Ensuring we are using customer data in the best (and ethical) ways to maximise the value of the voice of the customer and ensure we make positive, impactful changes for tailored customer experiences

Dr. Oliver Vins
Head of Product


16.20 Next-Level, Tailored Strategies For Driving Impactful Customer Experiences In B2B Financial Services

  • How can we better understand and adapt to business customers’ needs?
  • How are expectations changing?
  • How are new technologies and fast-moving digital innovations influencing and impacting B2B customer experiences within financial services?



16.50 Chair’s Closing Remarks

17.00 Official Close Of Conference