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Book Now For 1 Unmissable Day Filled With 23 High-Level Strategic CX Case Studies From Top Financial Services Brands | Save £420 Today!

Deliver Measurable Results With Savvy Tech Implementation & Insight-Driven Strategies To Meet Customers’ Changing Expectations: Fresh, New Insights Into Evolving Customer Behaviours & Needs & Digital Innovations To Provide Stand-Out Customer Experiences & Journeys: Proven Tech Implementation, Customer-Centric Cultures, Data-Led Strategies, FinTech & Challenger Innovations & Painless Customer Journeys For Measurable Impact On Customer Feedback & The Bottom Line While Maintaining The Human Touch!

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 25th November 2021. Group Discounts Available! Send 4 For 3.

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Becky Franks, Head of UX & Optimisation, The Co-operative Bank plc

Donata Peksa, Head of Brand Experience, HSBC


09.10 Harness The Latest Tech Advances In AI & Automation To Deliver Real Impact To The Business & Stand-Out Customer Experience

  • Chatbots and virtual assistants are part and parcel of financial customer experiences, but what new developments are on the horizon to reinvent how customers interact with your business?
  • Gain the insights you need to ensure your new tech implementations are truly meeting the needs of you customers
    • Discern the tech advancements that are truly here to boost customer experience in the long-term, and not just a flash in the pan
  • Prove the value of AI has on your customer experience and secure long-term buy-in across the business

Speaker to be announced, please check the website for details.


09.30 The Latest Insights & Expertise From FinTech, Disruptors & Challengers Into The Innovations Reshaping CX Post-Pandemic

  • COVID-19 has disrupted customer experience hugely, but what new disruptions could we face in the ‘new normal; and how can your organisation future-proof against them?
  • What key tech advancements are emerging on the horizon to overhaul how customers experience your business?
  •  How can institutions hampered by legacy systems build agile strategies into their customer experiences?

Corinna Lamberti, VP of Product, Chip

Alessandro Onano, Chief Marketing Officer, Moneyfarm

Sarah Ratner, Chief Operating Officer, Lendable


10.05 Ensure The Human Element Remains Central To Your CX Strategy When Implementing New Tech To Create Streamlined Customer Journeys Across Multiple Touchpoints

  • How can we ensure that tech solutions and the human touch work hand-in-hand to provide effortless journeys for customers?
  • Proactively identify and prioritise the areas customers need human interaction in their journey to serve vulnerable customers and more serious customer situations
  • Effective strategies to harness AI to remove pain points from customer journeys, whilst still having that human contact close by when things go wrong

10.05 Perspective One
Paul Robinson, Digital Office Lead, Lloyds

10.25 Perspective Two
Chris Tobias, Head of Design, Nutmeg Saving and Investment

10.45 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.15 Tap Into The Latest Changes In Customer Needs & Expectations To Consistently Provide Gold-Standard Customer Experiences

  • Where do customer priorities lie post-pandemic and how can you shift gears to meet their ever-changing needs?
  • With other industries still leading the way in CX, what can be done to keep pace and ensure financial services are exceeding customers’ rising expectations?
  • The pandemic has naturally shifted customers behaviours towards digital experiences and self-serve, but how can financial services help embed these behaviours in the long-term?

11.15 Perspective One
Lisa Scott, CMO, Banked

11.35 Perspective Two
Brian Stewart, Global Head of Customer Insight, Digital Experience & Analytics, AXA Investment Managers

11.55 The Next Generation Of Engagement Banking: Creating New Dimensions Of Customer Engagement & Revenue With A Human-Centric Approach

  • How can you effectively boost customer engagement with a human-centric view of your customer and focus on financial wellbeing
  • How can you turn engagement into additional revenue streams
  • How can you integrate a human-centric perspective into your existing application

Henrik Rosvall, Founder & CEO, Dreams

Henrik Rosvall is founder and CEO of Dreams, a leading engagement banking platform that provides a unique way of engaging customers based on insights from cognitive and behavioral science. Henrik has 17 years of experience in banking, CRM and brand management.


12.25 Ensure CX Is A Top Priority Throughout Your Organisation & Create A Culture That Places The Customer At The Heart Of Every Decision

  • Secure buy-in from teams all across the business and make customer-centricity a core component on the agenda of every team
  • Inspire a culture where employees go above and beyond for customers, creating those brand-boosting moments customers wont forget
  • How can employee-focused programmes feed into your CX strategy and filter back into improved experiences for customers?

Ashley Flight, Head of Digital Engagement, HSBC

Nicki Osborne, Senior Customer Experience Manager (Customer Vulnerability Programme Lead), M&G plc

Ben Williams, Head of Digital Web, The Co-operative Bank plc

Craig Goold, Head of Customer Experience & Change Demand & Chairman at Skipton Business Finance, Skipton Building

Max Clarke, Chief Marketing Officer, Schroders Personal Wealth

Kate Reeve, Head of Customer Insight, RBS International

Philippe De Brossard, Global Head of Client Experience & Steering, Société Générale

13.00 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


13.30 Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Chatbots & Automation
Anthony Flack, Head of Digital Delivery, Santander

B) Customer Expectations Post-FCA
Darren Black, Head of Protection & Insurance, Nationwide Building Society

14.00 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Chiara Brocchi, Head of Customer Experience & Satisfaction Excellence, AXA Italia

Bhavik Mohandas, Director of Product Management, American Express


14.10 Remove Pain Points & Create Seamless Journeys Across Multiple Channels To Drive Customer Experience & Conversion

  • How can we ensure the dots are joined up across multiple channels to ensure customer’s experiences are streamlined and simplified?
  • Utilise the latest techniques in customer journey mapping to smooth customer experiences across multiple channels
  • With so many possibilities across virtual customer experience, discern the platforms and channels that best fit the needs of your customer base
Craig Goold, Head of Customer Experience & Change Demand & Chairman at Skipton Business Finance, Skipton Building Society

14.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.00 Harness The Latest Measurement Techniques To Prove The True Value Of Your Customer Strategies & Win Long-Term Executive Buy-In

  • Beyond NPS: explore key metrics to evaluate success at every stage of the customer journey
  • Maximise efficiencies in your measurement processes and ensure you have all your data working together to drive actionable insights
  • Translate your efforts effectively and showcase the fruits of your labour to prove success and secure long-term financial backing and board buy-in

Avi Ashkenazi, Head of Customer Products, Iwoca

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

15.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


16.05 In Today’s Age, Financial Services Companies Are Having To Transform Into Tech Companies. Developers Are The New Rock Stars Of Banking. But What Does This Mean For Your Business?

  • How can you keep up with this trend?
  • How are developers needs different from other financial services roles?
  • How can you leverage user research to improve the developer experience?

Lisa Fraser, Executive Director (VP) UX Research, Goldman Sachs


16.25 Leverage Your Existing Customer Data To Define Value-Adding Actions & Demonstrably Drive Customer Experience

  • How can we go beyond NPS and find the metrics that that truly help us hear the voice of the customer?
  • Is the feedback you need already available? Navigate complex data silos across the business and unlock the potential of your existing customer data to maximise customer experiences
  • Future-proofed data capture strategies to ensure your understanding your customers pain points all across their journey

Hélène Stanway, Market Engagement & Adoption Lead | Future, Lloyds

16.45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

Chiara Brocchi, Head of Customer Experience & Satisfaction Excellence, AXA Italia

Bhavik Mohandas, Director of Product Management, American Express

16.55 Official Close Of Conference

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